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What happened at World Tour CDMX 2024? The Participation of Orange Digital CX


On May 22, 2024, the Citibanamex Center in Mexico City was transformed into the center of technological innovation with the Salesforce World Tour CDMX 2024.

This event brought together more than 2,000 business leaders from around the world. 2,000 business leaderstechnology experts and CRM visionaries from across Mexico to explore the latest innovations in Salesforce, especially in artificial intelligence (AI). artificial intelligence (AI) and the integration of Customer 360 with advanced conversational and generative AI capabilities, courtesy of Einstein Copilot.

What was the event about?

The Salesforce World Tour is a unique event designed to showcase how companies can benefit from Salesforce technologies to significantly improve the productivity, efficiency and personalization of their operations.

This year, the event focused on the power of CRM, AI, data and trust, offering practical insights into the integration of AI into CRM strategies, demonstrating how this translates into optimized ROI and revolutionary customer service.

Participation of Orange Digital CX

Orange Digital CX had an outstanding participation with a talk entitled "From Case to Order: Data Cloud Done Right".

This talk, led by Jesús Cuellar (CTO and Co-Founder of Orange Digital CX ), Rodrigo Santander (Marketing Champion) and Alfredo Ledesma (Salesforce Architect), focused on how companies can make the most of data using Salesforce Data Cloud.

Experts from Orange Digital CX shared valuable strategies and practices to optimize the use of data, transforming it into useful information for decision making.

Details of the Talk

Our team highlighted several crucial points about managing and leveraging data:

  • Data Optimization Strategies: How to clean, organize and analyze data for actionable insights.
  • Integration with Salesforce Data Cloud: Methods for integrating different data sources into a unified platform.

Stand of Orange Digital CX

In addition to the presentation, Orange Digital CX had an information booth where attendees could learn first-hand about the services we offer.

The Orange team was on hand to explain how our customized solutions can transform the way companies connect with their customers, improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and generating sustained growth. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can transform the way companies connect with their customers, improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and generating sustained growth.

Important Announcements

One of the highlights of the event was the live demonstration of Salesforce's AI and Data Cloud capabilities, followed by inspiring customer stories highlighting the positive impact of these technologies in various industries.

These presentations provided practical insight into how Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into CRM strategies to improve efficiency and personalization of customer service.

Among the most relevant announcements was the opening of the new Global Delivery Center in Mexico, the second of its kind in the world.

This center is intended to provide a better consulting and implementation service for Salesforce Cloud projects , offering language support in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and significantly expanding the growth opportunities in the Mexican market.

The Value Proposition of Orange Digital CX

Orange Digital CX is positioned as a strategic partner for companies seeking to optimize their digital marketing strategies by using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Its focus on personalization, optimization and delivery of tangible results makes us an indispensable partner for companies that want to improve their connection with customers and maximize their ROI.


The Salesforce World Tour CDMX 2024 was a resounding success, providing valuable learning and networking opportunities for all attendees.

Orange Digital CX's participation stood out for its focus on data optimization andcampaign personalization, demonstrating once again its leadership in using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to transform digital marketing strategies.
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If you missed the event we leave you the video of some of the presentations:

Or if you want to learn more about how Orange Digital CX can help you take your digital marketing to the next level, feel free to contact us.

We're here to help you transform your data into results.



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