Most used terms in the Salesforce ecosystem


It is a combination of the words "marketing" and "technology", and refers to the application of digital technologies in communicating and engaging with consumers, as well as collecting and analyzing data to improve marketing decision making.

Advertising studio

Platform that helps to improve marketing objectives through advertising, by allowing the company to interact with current and potential customers. Campaigns can be coordinated on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

analytics builder

It is a data analysis platform at Salesforce Marketing Cloud that helps to measure and analyze the performance of advertising campaigns in real time. It offers customized reports and dashboards, and allows integration with other tools from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With Analytics Builder, companies can make informed decisions and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.

audience studio

It is a platform that helps to collect, segment and activate audience data across different digital channels. With this tool, advertisers can consolidate and combine data from different sources to create a complete view of the audience and send personalized and relevant messages to the right audience at the right time. Audience Studio enables accurate audience targeting and profiling, which helps advertisers create more effective and personalized advertising campaigns based on audience interests and behaviors.


A group of people or customers who share similar characteristics and attributes and can be segmented and targeted to receive personalized and relevant messages.

Back end

Refers to the part of the platform that is not visible to end users, but is essential for behind-the-scenes data management and processing. It includes tools such as customer data management, marketing automation and integration with other Salesforce tools. It can also include custom integration services to connect the platform with other business applications and systems.

Cloud Pages

It is a web page and landing page creation tool at Salesforce Marketing Cloud that allows you to create personalized and relevant web content without programming skills. It offers an interface for integration with other Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools, tracking and analysis of the performance of web pages and landing pages, and tools to improve the user experience.

Content Blocks

It is a content creation tool that allows you to create reusable and customizable pieces of content for different marketing experiences. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, personalization for different audiences and integrates with other tools from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create a cohesive and customized marketing strategy.

Customer Journey

It is a visual map that describes the customer experience from the first interaction to the achievement of a business objective. It aims to improve the customer experience by making marketing communication more relevant and personalized across all touch points, which can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and conversions.


It is a marketing intelligence platform that enables you to collect, visualize and analyze data from multiple marketing channels in a single, unified view. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide personalized marketing insights and recommendations and integrates with other Salesforce tools to provide a complete view of the customer experience. Custom reports and dashboards can be created to measure marketing performance in real time, allowing them to adjust and optimize marketing strategies.


Know how the company is doing, who are our prospects, competition and valuable insights that the client can give us through a briefing/discovery session.

Dynamic Content

Content that is displayed in a content area according to rules that are defined based on the column values of the data extent.


It is an integrated set of AI technologies that make Salesforce Customer 360 smarter and brings AI to innovators everywhere.

Email Essentials

It is a combination of the words "marketing" and "technology", and refers to the application of digital technologies in communication and engagement with consumers, thus Orange Methodology to create a design system for Emails (Email Design system), based on Atomic Design, to generate a library of content blocks in Marketing Cloud, allowing to design emails up to 3x faster, with pre-approved designs and reusable elements to collect and analyze data to improve marketing decision making.

Email Studio

An application for marketers to create, target, send, track and manage email marketing programs.

Front end

Developer who builds the front end of websites and web applications, the part that users see and interact with.

Journey Builder

Intuitive Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool that allows you to interact with your customers on a 1-to-1 customer experience platform across multiple channels such as email, mobile, social media ads, and more.

Mobile Connect

Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool that allows you to create, send, receive and track SMS and MMS text messages with alerts and transactional messages to subscribers.


Digital Marketing Operation as a Service (Managed Service Partner): Salesforce model that provides a set of skills as an extension of the client that manages and runs the Marketing Cloud tool.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Collaborators of the Orange Digital team.