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Discover the Latest Digital Marketing Trends for the Financial Industry


In our latest webinar, Ana Lucette from Orange Digital CX led a conversation with Vicente Piña from Salesforce, exploring the most current trends in marketing marketing

We examine every aspect of the financial industry, from security strategies to customer personalization. 

In addition, Jesús Cuellar from Orange Digital presented us with a demonstration through a case study of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, revealing the secrets behind campaign optimization. 

But that's not all, we were honored to have Andrés Castro, deputy director of CRM & CX of Hey Banco, who shared his experiences and knowledge about the tool. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and opportunity.

Here is a summary of what we learned.

The importance of Customer Communication:

In an industry like the financial industry, rising costs and economic volatility make effective communication even more crucial to building strong customer relationships. 

The need to offer personalized advice emerges as a fundamental strategy to build customer loyalty in the face of ever-evolving financial uncertainty.

Personalization and anticipation of customer needs are vital to customer retention and satisfaction in an increasingly competitive environment.

Digital Experience as a Key Differentiator:

The growing demand for better digital experiences highlights the importance of technological innovation in the financial industry. 

Recent statistics show customer preference for digital processes to open new accounts and acquire new services or products, underscoring the need to adapt to these changing expectations.

71% of customers seek digital processes to open new accounts and acquire a new service or product, highlighting the importance of seamless and efficient digital experiences.

Personalization and anticipation as an engagement strategy.

Proactive and personalized communication emerges as a crucial factor in retaining customers and improving the user experience in the financial industry. 

Strategies focused on data unification and communication adaptation are essential to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improve customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud has resulted in a significant increase in the number of communications and open rates, allowing for scalability in communication efforts across multiple channels.

In an environment as dynamic as the financial industry, staying on top of the latest trends and leveraging the right technology tools can make the difference between success and stagnation. 

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a strategic ally, and hand in hand with a partner such as Orange Digital CX, financial institutions can offer personalized and effective experiences that generate a lasting impact on their customers.

Here is the complete video of the webinar:

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