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Experiences that Transform: Behind the Bites & Beats Event of Orange Digital


Bites & Beats: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing with Orange and Salesforce

This November 30 in CDMX Orange Digital CX in collaboration with Salesforce, orchestrated an event that exceeded all expectations.Marketing Cloud: Bites & Beats. This meeting was not only possible thanks to the support of Salesforce, but also marked a unique synergy between creativity, technology and strategic vision.

Discovering the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Interactive Demo with Whatsapp

More than 50 guests gathered for a unique experience: an immersive demo that demonstrated the power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Delivered by our experts, Rodrigo Santander and Alfredo Ledesma, both Solution Architects with more than 7 Salesforce certifications each, the demo took attendees through messaging strategies and personalized campaigns, exploring a world of possibilities to empower their digital strategies. In addition, in real time, we discovered the results on a landing page created in Salesforce Marketing Cloud of an interactive survey via WhatsApp, taking the experience to the next level.

‍Expert Panel: Voices that Resonate in Digital Marketing.

The event was not only a showcase of technical capabilities, but also an opportunity to gain real-life insights. Renowned experts, such as Jairo Hernandez, Digital Marketing Manager, Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix, Pablo Sanchez Liste, CDMO/CCO. Chief Digital, Marketing, Communication, Public Affairs & Sustainability Officer, L'Oréal, and Mario Martínez, CRM Director, Konfío, shared their experiences and insights on the use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The panel, moderated by our CEO and Co-Founder, Héctor Romero, provided an authentic view of how this platform is shaping the digital marketing landscape.

Bites: A Molecular Cooking Experience

Innovation was not limited to the digital realm. After absorbing knowledge and experiences, attendees embarked on a unique culinary journey. An expert chef in molecular cuisine guided everyone through a gastronomic experience that was not only a treat for the palate but also symbolized the creativity and uniqueness that Orange Digital and Salesforce seek to infuse in every aspect.

Beats: Culmination with Networking and DJ Beats

As a spectacular closing, the event was transformed into a space for exchange and networking. Attendees shared ideas, established contacts and continued the conversation while a live DJ created the perfect atmosphere.

In Marketing Cloud: Bites & Beatswe not only explored the technical functions of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but also created a complete experience. From digital to culinary, from strategy to execution, this event encapsulated the essence of innovation and collaboration at Orange Digital.

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In conclusion, Marketing Cloud: Bites & Beats was more than an event; it was a journey through digital innovation. From the immersive demo of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to the culinary experiences and expert perspectives on our panel, every moment highlighted the transformation possible with on-trend technologies.

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